[Moin-user] InterWiki links in a wiki farm

Ted Stern dodecatheon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:44:07 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I've gotten my wikifarm up and running and I have some users busy
writing lots of pages.  I think we've hit a Tipping Point -- even
non-computer-savvy engineers seem to be getting the wiki concept.

I still have a problem I'm running into.  First is referencing other
wikis in the farm via InterWiki links.

I've set up something like this


        wikis = [
           ("firstwiki",   r"^firstwiki.my.domain:8000/.*$"),
           ("secondwiki",  r"^secondwiki.my.domain:8000/.*$"),

        interwikiname = 'FirstWiki'
        show_interwiki = 1


        interwikiname = 'SecondWiki'
        show_interwiki = 1

But within FirstWiki, I am not able to write a link like


and have it go to that page.

Am I missing something?  Do I have to edit interwiki.txt?  How do I
make the interwiki.txt document common among all wikis in the farm?

 dodecatheon at gmail dot com
 Frango ut patefaciam -- I break so that I may reveal

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