[Moin-user] Config options for 1.5 vs. 1.3?

Robert Schumann robert at cantab.net
Tue Apr 18 13:42:01 EDT 2006

Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> I'm just wondering if 1.5 has places other than 1.3 where 
> configuration options should be added. Obviously wikiconfig.py, and 
> custom themes, but I've seen references to "... .cfg", etc. 
> "superuser.cfg", and haven't encountered such things when using 1.3. 
> Are these additional config files that a Moin maintainer should be using?
You're probably talking about cfg.superuser, which is the superuser 
variable in object cfg.  You'll notice that in wikiconfig.py, all your 
configuration options like sitename and data_dir are defined inside a 
class called Config.  So there's nothing mystical about cfg.superuser: 
when you fire up a moin instance, it creates an object of class Config, 
and passes that around to all the parts of the program that need it.

There is (although someone will now correct me :-) ) no other place to 
set configuration.

> And in general, is there a list or page that lists all of the 1.5 
> configuration options, and where to set them?
Yes, as Nir mentioned in another post earlier today: multiconfig.py (in 
your MoinMoin directory).  That is the canonical place to look to find 
what configuration options are available, since that is the parent class 
of Config.  If it's not in there, it's not an option in your version of 
moin.  Anything that is in there can be overridden in wikiconfig.py.

You can also look at 
http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/CommentedConfigurationFile, although the 
code (multiconfig.py) is always authoritative.

> Thanks,
> Ken
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