[Moin-user] Long documents

Mark Volkert mark.volkert at rakekniven.de
Wed Apr 19 00:43:04 EDT 2006

Am Dienstag, 18. April 2006 12:24 schrieb Nir Soffer:
> On 18/04/2006, at 12:58, Mehdi Hassanpour wrote:
> >  I have some long documents and wanted to know can MoinMoin treat like
> > media wiki to have edits for paragraphs on page ?
> >  It's a bit hard opening the whole long doc to edit some thing in the
> > middle...
> There is no section editing like in media wiki. You can make it easier
> to edit long documents by braking them to many sub pages and compile
> the full page with [[Include(subpage)]].
Breaking into sub pages is a little against the wiki thought, or? 
All information which belongs to a subject should be on the same page.

In our company we have some big pages. A print out would fill more than 20 
papers. We would be glad to have the requested action.

Are there any plans for the future to integrate section editing?

Best regards,

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