[Moin-user] Questions about Page title/backlink styles and logout button style

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 19 11:54:02 EDT 2006

The main reason I wanted to disable the "backlink" capability in Moin 
1.5 is that the backlink wasn't showing up in a sensible way on my pages 
(I use a custom theme); it's showing up as a bulleted list entry. Now 
that I know it's supposed to be the page title, things make more sense, 
but I need to get it to display properly on my pages. Inspecting the 
page HTML source showed this:

<ul id="pagelocation">
<li><a class="backlink" title="Click to do a full-text search for this title" href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/ZBrush_Info?action=fullsearch&value=linkto%3A%22ZBrush+Info%22&context=180">ZBrush Info</a></li>
<div dir="ltr" id="content" lang="en"><span class="anchor" id="top"></span>
<span class="anchor" id="line-3"></span><span class="anchor" id="line-4"></span><p class="line903"><span class="anchor" id="line-5"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-6"></span><ul><li><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Quick_Start_Guides">Quick Start Guides</a></strong>: New to ZBrush? You might want to download these and print 'em out. <span class="anchor" id="line-7"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-8"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/ZBrush_Palette_Reference">ZBrush Palette Reference</a></strong>: Descriptions of ZBrush palettes and controls, including searchable versions of ZBrush's popup help. <span class="anchor" id="line-9"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-10"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/User_Zone">User Zone</a></strong>: An area of ZBGuide completely reserved for editing by the ZBrush community. Create topics, give tutorials, see and contribute to the posts of others. And don't be surprised if some of your work magically shows up on the "official" ZBGuide pages. But please read <strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Editing_ZBGuide">Editing ZBGuide</a></strong> before jumping in. <span class="anchor" id="line-11"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-12"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Tutorials">Tutorials</a></strong>: Learn ZBrush by seeing methods have come up with for accomplishing a particular task. <span class="anchor" id="line-13"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-14"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Library">Library</a></strong>: PDF and other downloadable documents of interest. <span class="anchor" id="line-15"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-16"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line903"><strong><a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Plugins">Plugins</a></strong>: Your source for ZBrush plugins from Pixologic, and some popular user plugins too. <span class="anchor" id="line-17"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-18"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line879">Check out the <a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/List_of_All_Pages">List of All Pages</a>. <span class="anchor" id="line-19"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-20"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line879">Take a look at <a href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/Recent_Changes">Recent Changes</a>. <span class="anchor" id="line-21"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-22"></span></li><li class="gap"><p class="line879">I'm feeling lucky: <a generated="1" href="/cgi-bin/home.cgi/HelpOnPackageInstaller">HelpOnPackageInstaller</a>. <span class="anchor" id="line-23"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="line-24"></span></li></ul><p class="line903"><span class="anchor" id="line-25"></span></p><span class="anchor" id="bottom"></span></div><div id="pagebottom"></div>

<p id="pageinfo" class="info" lang="en" dir="ltr">ZBrush Info  (last edited 2006-02-10 23:06:40 by <span title="??? @ h66-222-66-6.66-222.unk.tds.net[]">h66-222-66-6</span>)</p>

<div id="pagebottom"></div>

This made me think that perhaps there is a special "backlink" style that 
makes the page titles appear properly. However, a search for "backlink" 
through the entire 1.5.3 source using the Spotlight search feature of OS 
X indicates that "backlink" occurs in two .py files but no .css files; 
also, hand searches through the "obvious" .css files show no special 
style for "backlink". Given that the page title occurs in an HTML list, 
I can't figure out how the default Moin themes can present it properly 
without having .css styles defined. Any ideas?

The "logout" button is also showing up in a different form than all of 
the other "action" (i.e. edit, attach file, etc) links, presumably 
because it is an "input" element type rather than an actual link. If 
necessary, I'll move it so that it appears in a separate location (I 
think I can do that in multiconfig.py), but given that it doesn't have a 
"class" entry, is there a way to make it look like my other entries 
easily, and in a way that will actually work across browsers? I don't 
know CSS terribly well, but am aware that IE in particular has very poor 
support for some CSS features.


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