[Moin-user] Looking for suggestions on optimal way to set up ACL page control

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 19 12:12:18 EDT 2006

I can think of a few ways to do the following, but was wondering if 
others might be able to suggest an "optimal" solution. Also, I've been 
unable to find info on how templates interact with user permissions, and 
am hoping others can provide some advice on that.

Our site will have four types of users:

  * AdminGroup: Allowed to do anything.
  * EditorGroup: Allowed to edit "doc pages" and "user pages"
  * Known: Allowed to edit "user pages"
  * All others; allowed only to read "doc pages" and "user pages".

The page types are:

  * "admin pages": Accessible only to AdminGroup, completely closed to 
other users.
  * "doc pages": Documentation officially supplied by our company; 
readers know that they are not editable by general users, and so can be 
more assured that the info provided is correct. Readable by all.
  * "user pages": Anything known users care to write. Readable by all.

AdminGroup can create pages of any type; EditorGroup should be able to 
create only "doc pages" and "user pages"; and known users should be able 
to create only "user pages".

The obvious questions are; what is the best way to set up the acl 
settings in wikiconfig.py, and the acl declarations in the 
AdminTemplate, DocTemplate, and UserTemplate.
Less obvious (HelpOnTemplates provides no info, and I don't know where 
else it might be) are the interactions between the rights of the various 
types of users, and the types of pages they are allowed to create. 
Obviously, I don't want a general Known user to be able to create 
"admin" or "doc" pages. Ideally, their _only_ template choice would be 

Many thanks,

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