[Moin-user] Anyone have a script for deleting revision history of a moin site?

Alexander Chemeris ipse.moin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 06:10:04 EDT 2006


On 4/22/06, Mark Volkert <mark.volkert at rakekniven.de> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 22. April 2006 01:19 schrieb Pixologic Documentation Team:
> > Our site is ready to go public, and we'd prefer it if we could delete
> > the revision history of all the pages, retaining just the most current
> > revision as revision 0000001 (however many zeros there are). Anyone know
> > if there's a script available to do this?
> Good point. Maybe for the SuperUser member there could be a action like "Reset
> history". I will do a feature request if other people like the idea.
One more proposal:
I want to merge some versions of one page. E.g. I'm creating new big page
and save it every 10 minutes (I don't want to lose my work!). When I end
my page I want to merge all this changes into big one.

Alexander Chemeris.

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