[Moin-user] Cleaning out past revision history

Pixologic Documentation Team doc at pixologic.com
Mon Apr 24 13:08:04 EDT 2006

Since our prototype site is now the way we want it for public release, 
I'd like to clean out all of the historical revisions. I've written a 
little script (once I get out the bugs) will simply go through all of 
the page directories, remove all except the most recent revision, rename 
that rev to 00...001, and then update the number in "current" to be 
00...001. Before I get into the grotty details of trying to make it work 
(the basic script only took about 20 minutes; ah, how I love python) I 
was wondering if anyone knows of any problems I might run into doing 
this, i.e. does Moin store info about revisions somewhere else.

Of course, once the script is working, I'll post it to the mailing list.


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