[Moin-user] Disabling creation of user home pages?

Pixologic Documentation Team doc at pixologic.com
Mon Apr 24 13:15:03 EDT 2006

For the first version of our wiki, we'd like to disable the ability of 
users to create home pages. Our site serves a 3D graphics community, but 
is dedicated to documentation of our product; we don't want users to be 
able to overload our bandwidth by creating galleries of their work. At 
the moment, any page they create would be publicly editable, but that 
might not deter them. Is there a way of setting up things so they simply 
can't create a page corresponding to their login name, or at least not 
easily? (For example, getting rid of the link to a user's home page if 
no such page exists; we still want admin and other users to be able to 
have home pages accessible to them easily, even if the pages themselves 
have to be created by the administrator.)

I realize there's probably no perfect solution; after all, a user might 
choose a name that later needs to actually be used as a general 
documentation page, or they might create a page for their login name by 
creating it as a link from a public page, but it would be nice to 
eliminate the "obvious" possibility of user pages for the time being.


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