[Moin-user] getting subscribe/mail to work (NOT Solved)

Mehdi Hassanpour mehdi.public at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 02:06:01 EDT 2006

Hi ,

My "farmconfig.py" looks like this:

    # Mail --------------------------------------------------------------

    # Configure to enable subscribing to pages (disabled by default) or
    # sending forgotten passwords.

    # SMTP server, e.g. "mail.provider.com" (empty or None to disable mail)
    mail_smarthost = "mail.hezardastan.org"

    # The return address, e.g u"Jürgen Wiki <noreply at mywiki.org>" [Unicode]
    mail_from = u"Hezardastan Wiki <wiki at hezardastan.org>"

    # "user pwd" if you need to use SMTP AUTH
    mail_login = "THEPASS"


I've subscribed to "RecentChanges" page so I should receive mails (other
people create pages and change them) but do not receive any mail....

Is there any log or something I can understand what should I do ?

PS: I don't have sendmail or ... enabled, I want my mails go through this

Thanks In Advance

On 4/25/06, Nir Soffer <nirs at freeshell.org> wrote:
> On 24/04/2006, at 22:42, Pixologic Documentation Team wrote:
> > I've set up (I believe) the necessary lines in the wikiconfig file to
> > enable mailing for subscribed pages, and indeed, the "subscribe"
> > button does appear. However, when I do subscribe to a page, changes to
> > that page are still not mailed to the forwarding address.
> The wiki does not notify you about your changes. Try to change a page
> as another user.
> Best Regards,
> Nir Soffer
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