[Moin-user] Re: Re: Cleaning out past revision history

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Apr 26 03:23:02 EDT 2006

> I've tried to use the reducewiki.py on a moin-desktop (linux redhat)
> installation.
> I've set the PYTHONPATH to my moin-desktop installation location
> cd script/maint
> I've tried the python reducewiki.py --target_dir=/tmp/reduced-test

Beginning with 1.5.3 those scripts are kind of plugins and intended to 
get called by MoinMoin/script/moin.py as frontend (if you do a setup.py 
standard installation, there will also be a "moin" command in your path 
calling that moin.py).

See the toplevel Makefile for an example of how to call reducewiki.

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