[Moin-user] Ways to change login/registration/prefs pages?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Apr 26 03:50:02 EDT 2006

> The addition in Moin 1.5 of a "logout" button was a big help. However, 
> set testing has shown that our users are still confused by the 
> relationships between account creation, login, and setting preferences, 
> and the fact that some of these are done on the same page.

I we knew this a bit more detailed, it would maybe be fixable.

> Registration" page, but got nowhere. My goal is to have three completely 
> separate pages: One for account creation, one for logging in, and one 
> for setting preferences.

Be aware that this stuff now is partly an action, a macro and a page, 
depending on what you do.

> I'd prefer not to go into the moin source to 
> hack it, but probably will,

For that kind of stuff you will have to.

> different backgrounds.) However, I'd prefer to do what I can in a way 
> that doesn't require redoing things when I update to the next version of 
> Moin.

The best way is to do a solution that works for everybody and get it 
into the main moin code repository, so it will be in next release 

Be aware that this stuff must work not only for cookie based auth, but 
also for people using ldap or http auth. Sometimes this is only a matter 
of NOT offering some button or field (there is no "logout" for http auth 
and a ldap auth user can not update his password in moin 
userpreferences, for example).

 > Any suggestions on the best way to proceed? Perhaps I should write
> three new macros? If so, where in the moin code should I look to find 
> where the current prefs/login page is generated--it wasn't clear to me 
> from looking at the markup for the page exactly where the markup came from.

Interesting code is here:
MoinMoin/userform.py user.py
MoinMoin/action/login.py logout.py userprefs.py
MoinMoin/wikimacro.py + MoinMoin/macro/Login.py
MoinMoin/request.py auth.py

Maybe first get clear about how it should look like on the user 
interface. And join #moin IRC channel for discussion.

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