[Moin-user] Ways to change login/registration/prefs pages?

Reid Priedhorsky reid at umn.edu
Thu Apr 27 13:45:10 EDT 2006

Thomas Waldmann wrote:
>> The addition in Moin 1.5 of a "logout" button was a big help. However, 
>> set testing has shown that our users are still confused by the 
>> relationships between account creation, login, and setting 
>> preferences, and the fact that some of these are done on the same page.
> I we knew this a bit more detailed, it would maybe be fixable.
>> Registration" page, but got nowhere. My goal is to have three 
>> completely separate pages: One for account creation, one for logging 
>> in, and one for setting preferences.

Hi Kenneth,

I'm also very interested in this split of UserPreferences. If you decide 
to start hacking on it, please let me know. Perhaps we can work together 
on it.


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