[Moin-user] Any interest in making Doxygen the standard doctool for MoinMoin?

Zoom.Quiet zoom.quiet at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 16:47:02 EDT 2006

Doxygen is power we know,
but it mark is /** **/ or /*! **/ and ///
all not same Python 's comment mark """ """ and #
usage it will make Python script ugly ...

On 4/28/06, Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> <DIV style="DIRECTION: ltr">I actually don't care too much what format we
> use--using the wiki markup language for documentation would be fine _if_ we
> could automatically generate not just code docs, but user docs (i.e.
> configuration etc.) from it. reStructuredText would be fine too. I just want
> to be able to write, in code, docs that can be generated to tell other
> people  how to use various options _without_ them needing to go into
> the code.<BR><BR>FYI, here are the various commands Doxygen supports. Not
> all are relevant to Python (many support C or Java constructs), but many
> support general features, such as grouping of doc comments that are far
> apart in the codebase, inclusion of documentation from other files,
> etc.<BR><BR>But like I say, I'm pretty much agnostic on this. I'd just like
> to be able to contribute to the dox in a way that makes it likely my
> contributions will stay reasonably up to date with future versions. Often, I
> find that incorrect documentation is worse than no documentation at all

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