[Moin-user] Info and more questions on themes

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 28 10:45:13 EDT 2006

As it turned out, in order to make other themes unavailable, I had to 
remove them not only from htdocs, but also from 
/usr/local/lib/python.../MoinMoin/.../theme. This, I have to admit, 
surprised me. Is it expected behavior? Perhaps some cache was by 
coincidence renewed at the same time I did this.

And when it comes to themes, is all CSS relevant to a given theme 
contained in the .css files in the folder for that theme? Or does some 
come in from other places also...

Thanks very much for the suggestion on restarting Apache, I could 
certainly see Apache caching css files. I should've thought of that 
myself. Duh!


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