[Moin-user] Very strange problems with themes

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 28 15:28:08 EDT 2006

In trying to create a new theme, I've done the following:

1) Created and installed the necessary mytheme.py file
2) Copied an existing theme folder in htdocs, renamed it mytheme, and 
changed a few colors.
3) Removed all of the other theme.py files and theme folders, so my 
theme is the only choice.
4) Set that choice in my user prefs.
5) Restarted Firefox, restarted Apache, and done a "delete cache".

Now here's the kicker; the theme still looks exactly like "modern" 
(which I initially copied), and does so because according to the Web 
Developer CSS Viewer in Firefox, _the 'modern' theme folder in htdocs 
still exists_; even though I've removed it.

I am very, very confused. Is enlightenment available?


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