[Moin-user] Very strange problems with themes

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Apr 29 01:35:04 EDT 2006

> 3) Removed all of the other theme.py files and theme folders, so my 
> theme is the only choice.

You shouldn't do that. IIRC, moin uses "modern" as fallback if something 
goes wrong loading a requested theme.

If you want to force some specific theme, better use theme_force in your 

> Now here's the kicker; the theme still looks exactly like "modern" 
> (which I initially copied), and does so because according to the Web 
> Developer CSS Viewer in Firefox, _the 'modern' theme folder in htdocs 
> still exists_; even though I've removed it.
> I am very, very confused. Is enlightenment available?

Maybe you didn't remove it from the right place. The right place is 
where your web server serves the URL <url_prefix> (see your wiki config, 
usually it is /wiki).

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