[Moin-user] ImageLink problem

Chris Lawley chris at art-en-soul.cix.co.uk
Sun Apr 30 06:50:06 EDT 2006

On 30 Apr 2006, Mark Volkert wrote:

> After playing with it I found that all examples worked, except this:
> "If no target is given the link will point to the image itself."
> cit from "ImageLink.py"

I've just reported this in the Bug pages wherein is a patch for the 
embedded version of ImageLink which, sadly has issues.
I've only recently started using Moin-Moin and, like yourself, I am 
still wearing a hankie on my head, or to put it another way, my 
knowledge of Python is small. I figure it's a steep learning curve 
to figure out which functions belong where (to find out what they 
do), never mind the ** and % scattered around the place.

I've now got hold of several online Python references - the Python 
2.4 Quick Reference Card being a useful look-it-up-quick guide, tho 
at 15 closely typed A4 pages, "Quick" and "Reference _Card_" don't 
quite describe it <grin>

chris :-)

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