[Moin-user] Image formatters and UTF8

Jiba jibalamy at free.fr
Thu Feb 2 10:54:02 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm setting up a MoinMoin wiki for a free "trading card" like game. The idea is to have a wiki page for each card, and then to use a formatter that takes the content of the page and generates the card, e.g. a PNG. I've thus done a image/png formatter, but i'm running into problems because MoinMoin encodes the page in UTF8, which is fine for HTML but not for PNG !

To fix this problem, i've added a content_charset attribute to the request, which is used to encode the generated page. It defaults to config.charset, but can be modified by the formatter if needed.

If someone wants a patch for that, i can give it.


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