[Moin-user] Re: Windows Authentication weirdness

Hiers, Richard Richard.Hiers at covenantseminary.edu
Mon Feb 13 05:58:05 EST 2006

I'm running Moin on IIS and the security for the wiki site is set no
anonymous access, only "Integrated Windows authentication."

Wikiconfig.py has the following lines:

    from MoinMoin.auth import http
    user_autocreate = True
    auth = [http] 

Does this help?


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On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:33:58 -0600, Hiers, Richard wrote:

> What accounts for this?  I notice that the user files in the moin 
> directory no longer have an encrypted password listed.  Where is moin 
> storing these passwords, and can the old ones be discarded?

It sounds like Moin just delegates the authorisation in your setup.
Please describe your configuration, i.e. which auth related config
options are set in wikiconfig.py and how IIS/Apache is configured with
regards to authorisation.

Kind regards,

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