[Moin-user] Error after changes

Matthew C. Miller mmiller at stabilitynetworks.com
Mon Feb 13 06:46:03 EST 2006

I assume you mean in the farmconfig.py file, in the "wikis" section. 

Currently, I have 50 (due to multiple access URLs for the same 23

Here's a copy of what's in my farmconfig.py (by the way, if there's a
better way to do the duplicate URLs going to the same wiki, I'd love to

wikis = [
    ("kb", r"^www.example.com/kb.*$"),
    ("ameritel", r"^www.example.com/ameritel.*$"),
    ("aic", r"^www.example.com/aic.*$"),
    ("battfisher", r"^www.example.com/battfisher.*$"),
    ("berryhill", r"^www.example.com/berryhill.*$"),
    ("berryhillandco", r"^www.example.com/berryhillandco.*$
    ("bfl", r"^www.example.com/bfl.*$"),
    ("bhc", r"^www.example.com/bhc.*$"),
    ("curtisolson", r"^www.example.com/curtisolson.*$"),
    ("coc", r"^www.example.com/coc.*$"),
    ("ess", r"^www.example.com/ess.*$"),
    ("glassmasters", r"^www.example.com/glassmasters.*$"),
    ("gms", r"^www.example.com/gms.*$"),
    ("himberger", r"^www.example.com/himberger.*$"),
    ("himbergerlaw", r"^www.example.com/himbergerlaw.*$"),
    ("hmb", r"^www.example.com/hmb.*$"),
    ("idahotruss", r"^www.example.com/idahotruss.*$"),
    ("idt", r"^www.example.com/idt.*$"),
    ("lfpco", r"^www.example.com/lfpco.*$"),
    ("lfp", r"^www.example.com/lfp.*$"),
    ("markrenberg", r"^www.example.com/markrenberg.*$"),
    ("mra", r"^www.example.com/mra.*$"),
    ("mbt", r"^www.example.com/mbt.*$"),
    ("meulemanmollerup", r"^www.example.com/meulemanmoller$
    ("mml", r"^www.example.com/mml.*$"),
    ("mff", r"^www.example.com/mff.*$"),
    ("morgans", r"^www.example.com/morgans.*$"),
    ("morgansfinefinishes", r"^www.example.com/morgansfine$
    ("paigemechanical", r"^www.example.com/pmg.*$"),
    ("paigemechanicalgroup", r"^www.example.com/pmg.*$"),
    ("pmg", r"^www.example.com/pmg.*$"),
    ("pos", r"^www.example.com/pos.*$"),
    ("rma", r"^www.example.com/rma.*$"),
    ("smithsport", r"^www.example.com/smithsport.*$"),
    ("sso", r"^www.example.com/sso.*$"),
    ("syr", r"^www.example.com/syr.*$"),
    ("syringa", r"^www.example.com/syringa.*$"),
    ("syringabank", r"^www.example.com/syringabank.*$"),
    ("tablerockprinting", r"^www.example.com/tablerockprin$
    ("trp", r"^www.example.com/trp.*$"),
    ("vii", r"^www.example.com/vii.*$"),
    ("veininstitute", r"^www.example.com/veininstitute.*$"$
    ("theveininstitute", r"^www.example.com/theveininstitu$
    ("varsitymarketing", r"^www.example.com/varsitymarketi$
    ("vcm", r"^www.example.com/vcm.*$"),
    ("varsity", r"^www.example.com/varsity.*$"),
    ("vcr", r"^www.example.com/vcr.*$"),
    ("windermere", r"^www.example.com/windermere.*$"),
    ("wre", r"^www.example.com/wre.*$"),
    ("demo", r"^www.example.com/demo.*$"),

Matthew C. Miller, CTO
Stability Networks
mcm at stabilitynetworks.com

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Do you have more then 100 items in your wikis list?

On 12 Feb, 2006, at 1:39, Matthew C. Miller wrote:

> After adding 4 more wikis to a site that was running fine with 23, I 
> now get "500 internal server error" on all of them.  The only error 
> message I find in the logs is:
> [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 2006] [error] [client] assert 
> p.pattern.gro ups <= 100,\\ [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 2006] [error] [client

>] AssertionError [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 2006] [error] 
> [client] :
> [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 2006] [error] [client] sorry, but

> this vers ion only supports 100 named groups [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 
> 2006] [error] [client] [Sat Feb 11 16:30:23 2006] 
> [error] [client] Premature end of scr ipt headers: 
> moin.cgi
> Any ideas what I should look for?
> TIA for any pointers,
> Matthew C. Miller, CTO
> Stability Networks
> mcm at stabilitynetworks.com
> 208/344.0050
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