[Moin-user] Subscriptions semi-lost after 1.2->1.5 upgrade

Greg Ward gward-moin at python.net
Mon Feb 13 12:29:02 EST 2006

On 13 February 2006, Greg Ward said:
> I upgraded from MoinMoin 1.2.1 to 1.5.1 last week, and we just noticed
> that page subscriptions are semi-lost.  That is, if user X was
> subscribed to page Y before the upgrade, X is no longer listed in the
> "General Page Infos" page for Y, and no longer receives email when Y is
> updated.
> *But* if user X goes to his UserPreferences page, page Y is still
> present in the list of subscribe page regexes.  (And it's also still
> listed in user X's data/users/<userid> file, of course.)  So if X saves
> his preferences (without necessarily making any changes), all is well
> again -- page Y again "knows" that user X is subscribed to it.

Actually, it seems to be worse than this: after the upgrade,
subscriptions no longer work.  If user A and user B both subscribe to a
page, A can only see that he is subscribed, and B can only see that *he*
is subscribed.  (Based on following the "Info" -> "General Page Infos"
links.)  So Moin never sends email when the page is changed!

Is this a privilege problem, i.e. is there something we have to
configure so that users can see each other's subscriptions (and thereby
ensure that Moin sends email as appropriate)?


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