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Bryan Weingarten Bryan.Weingarten at watchguard.com
Mon Feb 13 14:16:01 EST 2006

i have admin right and i see nothing when i use the [[SystemAdmin]]
macro.  i'm using using 1.5.1.  also, how can you tell what right you
have when you log in?  is there a page that tells you?



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Hiers, Richard wrote:

>With the advent of 1.5, is there a convenient way for an admin to view 
>a list of users?  [SystemAdmin] used to provide at least a listing.
Using a vanilla Moin 1.5.2 system, [[SystemAdmin]] works for me.  It
presents the two options "File attachment browser" and "User account
browser", the latter of which provides a list of users when you click on
it.  What exact problem are you having?

Remember you need to have admin rights (as explained on HelpOnMacros) to
see this information.


>Richard Hiers
>Director of IT Services
>Covenant Theological Seminary

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