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Tue Feb 14 01:52:05 EST 2006

Hi Kalle,

with the stable version 1.5.1 I run MoinMoin on a Windows-Server machine and
a Mac X system as well. On the Windows PC we have to add pynthon and apache
as components while under Mac X OS the httpd and python installations on
does the trick.
Making this stickable for both OS is a little challenge but should work, I

tht, greetings from Germany.
cu Stefan 

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> Betreff:	[Moin-user] Standalone wiki server
> I'm looking at various wikis to see if I can find one that I really like.
> I'm 
> currently trying to see if I can find something that I can bring with me
> on a 
> USB stick and run without installing any programs (yes, I could use a
> server 
> ... and have currently installed PMWiki on a server to try it out).
> So I'm looking for a wiki that I normally can run on my Mac but once in a 
> while I would like to be able to bring the pages with me and use them from
> a 
> USB stick without installing any software on the host machine (Mac or 
> Windows).
> MoinX makes the pretty easy for the Mac but if I've understood things 
> correctly there is not a similar version for Windows, or have I missed 
> something?
> Does anyone have a suggestion/advice in my search? (and yes, it would be
> nice 
> it was python based and easy to customize by writing my own python code)
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