[Moin-user] Multiple URLs to one wiki [WAS: RE: Error after changes]

Matthew C. Miller mmiller at stabilitynetworks.com
Tue Feb 14 07:18:03 EST 2006

So, to verify my understanding, if I have one wiki I'd like to access
with the following six urls:


And I call the wiki and the directory it's stored it 'abc,' then will
this snippet in my farmconfig.py file work?

base = 'www.[example|ex].com'
wikis = [
	('abc', r'%s/(?:abc|alphabetaco|alphabetazoidcompany).*$' %

And I'll no longer need the soft-links between full names and abbreviate
ones in my config directory (ie: only abc.py will be needed, not 
alphabetaco.py -> abc.py
Alphabetazoidcompany.py -> abc.py

Thanks for the support!

Matthew C. Miller, CTO
Stability Networks
mcm at stabilitynetworks.com

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On 13 Feb, 2006, at 16:45, Matthew C. Miller wrote:

> I assume you mean in the farmconfig.py file, in the "wikis" section.
> Currently, I have 50 (due to multiple access URLs for the same 23 
> sites).
> Here's a copy of what's in my farmconfig.py (by the way, if there's a 
> better way to do the duplicate URLs going to the same wiki, I'd love 
> to
> know!):

use this:

base = 'www.example.com'

wikis = [
	(wiki1, r'%s/(?:wiki1-a|wiki1-b|wiki1-c).*$' % base),
	(wiki2, r'%s/(?:wiki2-a|wiki2-b|wiki2-c).*$' % base),
	(wiki100, r'%s/(?:wiki100-a|wiki100-b|wiki100-c).*$' % base), ]

This should let you have up to 100 wikis (Python 100 groups re limit)
with many access points to any wiki.

Best Regards,

Nir Soffer

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