[Moin-user] Illegal HTML attribute "bgcolor"

Hiers, Richard Richard.Hiers at covenantseminary.edu
Tue Feb 14 08:36:04 EST 2006


BTW, I got my original syntax from the HelpOnTables page.  Legacy
markup, I know.  But it worked.

I changed my markup to match what you suggested and then the GUI editor
works fine, but if I change it to match my original formatting (first
row only has a background color), I get the same bgcolor error, even
though that tag is nowhere on the page.  Here is what I changed it to:

||<tablestyle="float:right;" rowstyle="background: #cccc99; text-align:
center;">'''Table Of Contents''' ||
|| [[TableOfContents]] ||

This displays properly.  The only problem is trying to edit the page
using the GUI editor.  Is there a more appropriate way to color this
first row?


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Hiers, Richard wrote:

>If I try to edit with the GUI editor a page that contains something 
>like the following:
>||<tablestyle="float: right" bgcolor="#cccc99" :> '''Table Of
>Contents''' ||
>|| [[TableOfContents]] ||
>I get the following error:
>Illegal HTML attribute "bgcolor" passed to formatter
And so you should.  First off, bgcolor is not valid wiki table markup,
and it's also not valid CSS.  Hence something like

||<tablestyle="float:right; background: #cccc99; text-align: 
center;">'''Table''' ||

might be more what you're looking for.


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