AW: AW: [Moin-user] update instructions 1.3.5->1.5

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Wed Feb 15 03:56:05 EST 2006

Hi Ralf,

sorry for fooling around ...  now seriously:
Here is the list of task we handle in order 
to move from 1.3.5 to 1.5.1 as far as I re-
member (no garanty for completeness)

0. We backup all our stuff & copiied the moin
   directoy branch to <name_1_3_5>. We double
   checked that by zipping the pages data away.
1. Copy the <python/share/moin> to a different
   place <python/share/moin_1_3_5>
2. Then we followed the instructions in the In-
   stall.html for the appropriate platform.
3. Poke around 'till our the base wiki was working
4. Migrate pages with the script.
5. Copied the directory branch with the pages 
   back in place.
6. Tested once again.
7. Imported the user data. I think this was done
   by coping. That task was done by staff from my

et voilà. In order to minimized potential distur-
banse candidates we did'nt touch the Python oder
httpd installation.
With this approach we could fall back to our old
1.3.5 installation in a situation we could't fin-
ish the migration but the customer need a up & run-
ning wiki.

Hth, greetings from Cologne, Germany to Ostfildern.

cu Stefan

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> Betreff:	Re: AW: [Moin-user] update instructions 1.3.5->1.5
> Hi!
> Marx, Stefan ext. MA Fa. Lynx said:
> > look out for the README.migration file in the <src>/docs directory.
> > We've migrated form 1.3.5 to 1.5.1 with the script.
> >
> > Sorry for just point you to rtfm ;=).
> Sorry, but did you really read my mail? ;)
> > But docs/README.migration tells me just to read the CHANGES file.
> >
> > 1.3 to 1.5 migration
> > ===================
> > Just read CHANGES, you don't need to read the stuff
> > below.
> One could think that the migration/update steps are described in the
> CHANGES file now, but this is not the case.
> Ralf

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