AW: [Moin-user] update instructions 1.3.5->1.5 (wrong!)

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>> look out for the README.migration file in the <src>/docs directory.
>If you read it from the top, you would have noticed that it only
>if your current moin version is older than 1.3(.0).
>> We've migrated form 1.3.5 to 1.5.1 with the script.
>Nobody told you to do so.
>Why do you think are the scripts called 12_to_13_*.py?

Does this mean that somebody should create a migration/
script?  It can be a nothing operation, but its existence might make it
clearer to people pulling forward to 1.5

For the record, I had no "/data" changes that I had to make to migrate
from 1.3.5 to 1.5.x except to fix a few plugin/macros that broke (and I
referenced the CHANGELOG to determine the problem).

>But you're lucky. Due to the way the script is written, it didn't harm
>your data. This does not need to be the case ever, though, so be
I love good defensive programming.  Kudos to whoever made sure this
would not be a corrupting process when run incorrectly/unnecessarily.


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