[Moin-user] Confused about upgrading and where things belong

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Feb 20 04:38:01 EST 2006

> With the exception of changing the #! link in .../unusedwiki/cgi-bin/
> moin.cgi and copying a few macros from one of the other wikis, I've done
> nothing to associate the unused wiki with Moin 1.5.2.

Of course you have to review your configuration (see CHANGES).

> It's not clear to me
> how I'm supposed to merge the old /underlay stuff with the new.

You don't need to do that, you got all underlay pages fresh and updated 
with 1.5.2. You can throw away the old underlay as soon as you are happy 
with 1.5.2.

> Should I
> even have all those underlay directories or should they just be links to the
> version-specific underlay directories in /usr/share/moin or
> /usr/local/share/moin?

For a specific code version of moin, it is enough to have a single underlay.

You may choose to have multiple due to wanted languages, though.

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