[Moin-user] Twisted and patch-683 ?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Feb 20 07:49:06 EST 2006

> I'm trying to get Moin running with Twisted using the standard
> packages available from the Debian Sarge on my server:
> Moin 1.3.4-3,
> Python 2.3.5,
> python-twisted-core 2.1.0-4,
> python-twisted-web  0.5.0-2

I would suggest you simply try latest moin release and do not use an old 
debian package. See here if you need some deb package:


> At the bottom of the page a patch is suggested (patch-683), but
> following the link results in an error page from arch.thinkmo.de:
> ----------------------
>  Internal error
>  Adding revision
> arch at arch.thinkmo.de--2003-archives/moin--main--1.3--patch-683 to
> library failed. Bad permissions or corrupt archive?
>  Hint: Before reporting this problem, try to see whether debug mode
> unveils something.

archzoom... 8(

> - Is the patch available elsewhere by any chance
> - Is there an alternate solution to the bug

I guess the patch is contained in latest release (+ some dozends more).

> - Is it possible/adviseable at all to run the sever partially
> 'unstable' with mointwisted using moin 1.5.x and perhaps python 2.4
> with twisted-web or will I run into a dependency hell??

Go with 1.5.2, but for first try, keep python and twisted "as is".

After that, if you encounter python or twisted related problems, you can 
do a /usr/local install of both python2.4.2 and twisted (and maybe other 
python stuff you need).

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