[Moin-user] Page name is not longer the headline in the page in version 1.5.1

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Feb 21 05:18:03 EST 2006

> space saving things would be:
>  * use icons (moinmoin did already i think)

Icons are difficult to handle. You need to have them match your theme 
colours, they don't scale to user's screen resolution and sometimes they 
don't "say" anything (so you have to read some mouseover bubble). Some 
people like them bigger, some smaller. Some people have difficulties 
recognizing small icons.

And someone needs to draw them. Someone != me (also true for most 

Therefore I prefer text menu items.

>  * search field like http://www.jspwiki.org/

I am not sure I like that popup.

If you do a search, there can be more than 1 result, so why should you 
say "view" or "edit" before you even know what will be found?

And one would've to look how that is done. Such stuff can easily make 
trouble for some browsers.

>  * table of contents like http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki
 >  * small trail font like in http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:dokuwiki

This is maybe a matter of CSS.

  > or rearranging things a little, which would save 2 lines:
> logo -- <user> - preferences - logout -- [xxxx] title text FindPage
> logo -- <pagename> -- edit - info - subscribe
 > logo -- <trail>

Logo + page location can get long, so this is no option. Everything else 
already is like that.

>  * "moinmoin" is gone and replaced by clicking on logo with meaningful
> alternate text

What you denote by "MoinMoin" is the interwiki name (and that can be 
different although logo is the same). But it already is optional 
(show_interwiki). It is just to show a fully qualified interwiki page name.

You don't need it, if you only run a single wiki or multiple, completely 
unrelated wikis, of course.

>  * page actions line is shifted beside page name

See above. There might be no space.

>  * wiki actions line is gone and shifted to the top two lines

There is not enough space.

>  * quick links would have to be placed somewhere. maybe an auto-opening menu
>    or a separate line? configurable.

We add configurability if there is no obvious right choice and no other way.

Putting quick links into some menu makes them one click less quick.

Auto-opening might need javascript or advanced css features and won't 
work with some browsers.

> then there could be a line with user defined links

Quicklinks are user defined links.

 > maybe an included page with links.

Maybe we move user data (including quicklinks) into some sort of wiki 
"page" some day.

 > this page could be included in a number of similar
> pages and create something like a "space" just by similar look.

What is a "similar" page? I don't think I get what you mean or what that 
would be useful for.

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