[Moin-user] Discussions related to MoinMaster pages?

Thilo Pfennig tpfennig at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 01:54:01 EST 2006

2006/2/22, Arp <moin.askthem at gmail.com>:

> It is possible of course that I'm missing something _very_ obvious and
> mechanisms or guidelines for this are already in use and I (and
> others) were just too stupid to find them ... ??

Well, we should not forget that from the wiki roots it was always
intended to make the content of the wiki and for each page better.
Wikipedia talks about "being brave" in editing. This is essential.
While it is not always the best solution for each page. if one page
should give a good overview it is bad if it is always cluttered with
discussions. But I think the lack of a discussion feature in MoinMoin
can be explained with the different approach that wikis have:
if you have a list of points, instead of discussing it make them better.

For this to happen it is important that users are indeed brave. If
people just add content and not also delete or restructure wikis tend
to get quite unreadable.

My suggestion as an easy workaround would be to have a
CategoryDiscussionpage and to link to a discussion page at the top or
the bottom of each page.



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