[Moin-user] Discussions related to MoinMaster pages?

Arp moin.askthem at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 02:32:06 EST 2006

On 2/22/06, Thilo Pfennig <tpfennig at gmail.com> wrote:
> <snip - 'brave' editting> I think the lack of a discussion feature in MoinMoin
> can be explained with the different approach that wikis have:
> if you have a list of points, instead of discussing it make them better.
True, and brave editting should still be encouraged, but not all discussions or
comments really 'improve' a page and indeed usually do make it less
(thinking about the recent 'Tron' issue @ wikipedia ... you wouldn't
want _that_ on the main content page ;o) )

> My suggestion as an easy workaround would be to have a
> CategoryDiscussionpage and to link to a discussion page at the top or
> the bottom of each page.
It seems a good/easy workaround but it has the drawback of adding
(relative??!) links to the _content_ of the page that would also break
if the page is moved or copied elsewhere and could be unwanted to
begin with - actually I think that is exactly why the idea/discussion
got started in the first place - thinking it was _not_ a good idea to
add such a link to a MoinMaster page ;o).
In the case of MoinMaster pages for example these links would probably
have to be filtered out at distribution time which is less
straightforward than removing subpages or not copying a 'tree' of
discussion pages. It also makes it harder to suppress these links in a
'printable' version of such a page.

I really like the idea of 1:n, n:1 or n:n relations between discussion
and 'main content'  pages you suggested on

Maybe instead of using visible/clickable links or Category markers a
system could be deviced that is based on meta-tags in the comments on
the headers of a page, but this would surely have to be supported by
code of some sort.


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