[Moin-user] Fun with user_autocreate

Daryl Tester Daryl.Tester at iocane.com.au
Thu Feb 23 18:53:07 EST 2006

Daryl Tester wrote:

> (All the Wiki doco regarding user_autocreate seems to
> imply just stick it in the Config class and it should
> work).

Ah, but which Config class?  This looks like it's an
issue with the standalone configuration.  moin.py
defines its own Config class which is passed into
run().  If farmconfig hasn't been configured then
RequestBase defaults to the Config class defined in
wikiconfig.py, not moin.py.  I'm still not sure why
it just isn't using the Config class passed in when
started up, but there you have it.  Do any developers
hang out on this list?

  Daryl Tester, IOCANE Pty. Ltd.

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