[Moin-user] Fun with user_autocreate

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Feb 25 09:42:07 EST 2006

>> auth against AD / LDAP is already done in recent patchlevels.

My stuff is getting the user/password from moin's UserPreferences "login 
form", then checks against AD / LDAP and then sets the cookie.

> Is it doing HTTP authentication?

No, it is authenticating against LDAP and uses the cookie to stay logged in.

If you have some http auth running in your web server that already uses 
ldap / ad as backend, you need just to enable http auth in moin, that is 
already there for long.

> Could a large note be added above moin.py's Config that states
> "This is not the same as wikiconfig's Config, you dunderhead"
> for people like me?

Hehe, let's see. :)

> I'm also trying to get work approval (seeing they're funding
> this) to release the code back to the project.  If they
> don't approve, I'll attempt to reimplement this code during
> my upcoming holidays and contribute that instead.

Maybe tell them we will support you if you do GPL code that will be 
published. :)

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