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Cedric BRINER work at infomaniak.ch
Thu Jan 5 01:45:02 EST 2006

> You could create an anchor for that heading:
> To insert anchors into a page you need the macro Anchor:
> [[Anchor(anchorname)]], where "anchorname" is the actual identifier of
> the anchor. Place this macro just above the heading you wish to link to.
Yes I knew this before. But I thought of my ideas as a new feature. I thought that people wanting to refer easily to a Page>Section>SubSection was something interesting. Do you think this could be easily implemented. And If so, where should I dig in ?

> To reference an anchor on the same wiki page use [#anchorname] or
> [#anchorname label text]. To link to an anchor on another wiki page
> write [wiki:Self:PageName#anchorname] or [wiki:Self:PageName#anchorname
> label text], where "PageName" is the name of the other page and
> "anchorname" is the identifier of the anchor on that page.
> The url would then be http://mywiki.com/WikiPage#anchorname
> Or, if you were to insert the TableOfContents macro for that page, then
> click on the heading you wanted in that table of contents (this will
> jump you down to that heading), you could then use the resulting URL.
> The url is kind of ugly.  It will look something like this:
> http://mywiki.com/WikiPage#head-f9665c8b984734140a87d7cfdd81ef5109dd9465
> Hope that helps
> Richard


Geneva - Switzerland

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