[Moin-user] MoinMoin as an replacement for trac

Malsky, Ken Ken.Malsky at analog.com
Wed Jan 18 09:49:01 EST 2006


I haven't used Trac, but I just looked at it based on this thread.  It
looks like exactly the functionality that I need, as well.  I need to
set up a site with:
  (a) Standard wiki functionality 
  (b) Issue tracking
  (c) Version control for files attached to wiki pages
  (d) Version control for project directories

MoinMoin obviously does (a) very well, and the MoinMoinBugs concept is
fine for (b).  However, tight integration between a wiki-based issue
manager and a good control system benefits both, and that seems like a
useful missing macro.  For isolated files relevant to a discussion,
attachments work well, but would benefit greatly from version control.
A VC system would benefit greatly wiki-based check-in notes (commit
hooks) and version tags because it allows cross-referencing of the
discussion that motivated the changes.

Trac seems to do all of this.  For a quick look, skim the following


- Ken Malsky

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> since it is almost impossible to get trac runing on AIX because trac 
> uses clearsilver which will not build on AIX with the natice aix 
> compiler  i would like to know if there are some extensions for 
> MoinMoin which integrates MoinMoin with Subversion ( Display content 
> in a svn repository )

No. What exactly do you want to do? (I don't know much more of trac than
the name and the wiki syntax it uses :).

> and an issue tracker?

You can use a wiki as an issue tracker, see what we do on
MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs page.

It has no "specialized" functions for that, though.

> This way i could stop the process of implementing trac and use 
> MoinMoin.

If you are missing something, you can write plugins for moin quite
easily in python, see the Market pages in the wiki for existing stuff.

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