[Moin-user] MoinMoin as an replacement for trac

Malsky, Ken Ken.Malsky at analog.com
Thu Jan 19 11:15:01 EST 2006

Thilo and Thomas, thanks for being so supportive! 

> > Well...I did ask for it! ;-)  My time is pretty tight right now, but
> > will take this up over the next couple of months.  Would anyone care

> > to collaborate with me?  I could get a functional spec done quickly,

> > but I've never written any type of extension for MoinMoin.
> = Recipe =
>   1. get clear what exactly you need and why you need it in the wiki
(and not > maybe on some SVN web interface linked from the wiki)

[20% done (by the 80/20 rule)] This is clear in my head, but written up

>   2. learn Python (if you don't know already)

[20% done (by the 80/20 rule)]  I know the syntax of Python and have
written a lot of OO code, but this would be my first substantial

>   3. read PEP-0008 :)

[0% done] :(

>   4. code! B-)

[0% done] LOL...

> Feel free to ask questions on #moin, often there is some developer
hanging on > there. Be patient though and just hang on, we do other work
sometimes. :)

Thanks again for your support and encouragement.  I guess I've got my
work cut out for me!  =:))

- Ken

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