[Moin-user] actions/macros

Bryan belred at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 20:41:00 EST 2006

is there some documentation anyone can point me to so i can figure out how to 
write actions and macros and all the wiki methods that can be called?  i've gone 
through the source code for actions, macros, wikiutil, etc, but there are not a 
lot of explanations.  i've searched through the moin website, but no luck either.

also, i would like to know if this is possible.  i want to a link that when 
clicked, will open the default email program and fill in the to, subject and 
body of an email.  i have that successfully working as an action, but every time 
the link is clicked, moin also goes to a new page.  is it possible to have an 
action that doesn't write anything or make moin go to a new page?



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