[Moin-user] Page name is not longer the headline in the page in version 1.5.1

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jan 23 06:29:04 EST 2006

> I have just upgraded to version 1.5.1 and want to ask if I am able to
> restore an old behaviour. Up to now the page name was written inside the
> page contents as a kind of a header. Now it is written at the absolute top
> of the page above all the menues / links. Most of our Wiki pages now don't
> have any header (as we were used to accept the page name as the header) and
> the text seems to glue directly to the top menues. 
> Is there any way to restore the old way?

You would have to modify the theme to render the page_name in the 
content area. Please read the stuff below before you do.

Maybe just consider just adding senseful

= what ever =

headlines to your content.

Although it has a small drawback, I did this change intentionally to 
have a better and more flexible behaviour of moin (and to separate 
metadata [like technical page name] from content).

In the past, this was differently handled by the themes. Some rendered 
the page name in the header (like now, but mis-using h1 for it), some 
(like modern) rendered them like it was a content headline.

Some people then wanted some meta-tag to "override" the modern headline 
to have some nicer / different headline there. And another metatag to 
switch it off to be free to render what they want at the top. There was 
even a patch for that.

Well, after some thinking about that stuff, I came to conclusion that 
this was simply done wrong until now and that the patch would make it 
rather more complicated than easier, introducing new meta keywords etc.

Thus I simply chose the way you see now:
  * content is the only thing rendered in content area, no artificially 
added h1 with the pagename (maybe except that last-edited string at 
bottom right, but we maybe move that to a separate div, too)
  * you can put anything you want at top of the page:
   * nothing
   * = PageName =
   * = something more verbose than the pagename =
   * attachment:logo.png for a nice logo or banner at top of the page
   * a table with navigation and the first headline after it
  * the level of the headline now directly corresponds to the html tag
   * h1 is = xxx =
   * h2 is == xxx ==
  * the pagename display in the header is part of the location 
breadcrumbs, so it doesn't need to be repeated for that purpose

So you see: quite some advantages and cleanup versus 1 disadvantage 
(change of behaviour). If one ever knew such stuff in advance, one would 
start with it at v0.1, not v1.5. :)

BTW, would a script (putting = PageName = on every page) help you?

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