[Moin-user] Saving vector drawings created with TWikiDraw don't save the *.pn g file

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jan 23 06:32:00 EST 2006

> if I create a vector drawing with the TwikiDraw program (launched by a
> drawing:NAME link) saving the drawing doesn't create the NAME.png file. The
> Attachment-Page only shows the NAME.draw file and the drawing is not shown
> in the primary page.
> What's going on? Any hint could be helpful.

Please look into the wiki (search for twikidraw) if there is already a 
bug report for that.

If not, please make one (see MoinMoinBugs page) and provide as much 
detail as possible (see the bug template).

Please also try if you can reproduce that behaviour on 
moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de (it also runs 1.5.1).

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