[Moin-user] TOC and Raw Text

Hiers, Richard Richard.Hiers at covenantseminary.edu
Mon Jan 23 08:28:14 EST 2006

In 1.3.5 I have some pages with a TOC that sits in a table two rows and
one column.  The top row hash a colored background and the entire table
floats on the right margin of the page.  Below is the code:

||<tablestyle="float: right" bgcolor="#cccc99" :> '''Table Of
Contents''' ||
|| [[TableOfContents]] ||

After upgrading to 1.5.0 and 1.5.1, the table now lines up against the
left margin and the top row no longer has a colored background.  Have
the table formatting options changed in 1.5?  I don't see any changes to
the HelpOnTables page.

And related to this, if I try to view the Raw Text of a page with this
type of TOC, all of the lines on the page are run together, and the TOC
code is displayed as:

|| '''Table Of Contents''' || || [[TableOfContents]] || 

However, if I go to edit mode, the raw text is displayed properly.

I don't see any of this behavior in 1.3.5.

Any ideas?

Richard Hiers
Director of IT Services
Covenant Theological Seminary

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