[Moin-user] Re: Strange parsing of non wiki word -> wiki word

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Thu Jan 26 12:18:04 EST 2006

Fredrik Lundh schrieb:
> Ralf Gross wrote:
> > I'm abit confused. I created a page with the word WU6Z0001 on it, all
> > letters after the W are treated as wiki word (link). If I write the
> > word in lower case letters, everything is ok. Am I missing some moin
> > formatting here?
> the default configuration treats digits the same way as lowercase
> characters.  see:
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/CapsDigitTreatedAsLink

Thanks for the link!


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