[Moin-user] General Wiki/MoinMoin questions...

Edward Arthur ed.arthur at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 12:19:05 EST 2006


We have a somewhat outdated MoinMoin Wiki server which I don't administer.
I have a few general questions.  Is it possible to have "active" pages which
process external information?  (For example showing the last 10 messages
on a particular newsgroup?)

Is any type of scripting available with or without an extension?

Is there a calendaring application available?

Our server info:

Python Version
    2.3.2 (#2, Oct 9 2003, 10:10:17) [GCC 2.95.3 20010315]
MoinMoin Version
    Release 1.2.2 [Revision 1.185]
Number of pages
Number of system pages
Number of backup versions
Accumulated page sizes
Entries in edit log
    57687 (5236550 bytes)
Event log
    31147505 bytes
Global extension macros
    AbandonedPages, BR, FootNote, Form, FullSearch, GetText, Include,
Navigation, OrphanedPages, PageHits, PageSize, RandomPage,
RandomQuote, RecentChanges, ShowSmileys, StatsChart, SystemAdmin,
TableOfContents, TeudView, WantedPages
Local extension macros
Global extension actions
    AttachFile, DeletePage, LikePages, LocalSiteMap, RenamePage,
SpellCheck, links, rss_rc, titleindex
Local extension actions
Installed processors
    CSV, Colorize, dot

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