[Moin-user] Copy table from Excel

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jan 30 09:34:04 EST 2006

> I started using moinmoin 1.5.1 last week.  I am loving the acl's(I
> would love some sort of inheritance though) and the gui editor.  I
> have a bunch of computer illiterate people in the office so the gui is
> VERY appreciated.

Tell them to save OFTEN and duck before. X)

> In playing with the gui editor though, I have noticed some weird
> things happening, the most serious one is copying from excel into the
> editor.  At first this seems to work, it pasts a table with all the
> fck goodness.  Upon saving, previewing, or going to the text editor
> though, I come up with the error "ExpatError: unbound prefix: line
> 376, column 50"

Yes, that's because of the trash M$ applications deliver as HTML. Try 
that "paste from word" function in the gui editor, maybe it helps.

> I have the full error page screen, if needed, but this happens every
> time so it should be reproducible.

I bet it is (on a system with windows and office). I don't use windows, 
though, so maybe someone else should fix that.

> This also happens when the cells
> are copied into the "copy from word" dialog.

Uh. OK, then this function maybe does not clean up enough.

 > I am using Firefox, if that helps.

That helps a lot. At least you have some sane rendering. :)

I have a workaround for you maybe: you could save your table as CSV 
format, then copy and paste the CSV into the moin text editor and use 
the CSV table parser. Hope that helps.

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