[Moin-user] Copying wiki data from one server to another

Gary O garyo-moin at genarts.com
Tue Jan 31 08:32:14 EST 2006

I have a moin wiki and I need to migrate its pages and user db to a different
server.  I don't care about plug-ins or even the theme; I just want to migrate
the pages (and ideally the edit history).

My old wiki is at SourceForge and I believe it is version "MoinMoin 1.3.4
release" (from $pythonsitedir/MoinMoin/version.py).

The new wiki is on debian/ubuntu and is version 1.2.4-1ubuntu2 (though I can
change that).  I have complete control over that server.  (Maybe I should be
running 1.3.4 there too -- is there a debian pkg for that?)

What I did is copy the data/pages and data/user dirs from the old wiki into the
new wiki, but it didn't work -- none of the pages show up in the new wiki, it
still looks just like a virgin moin.  Searching for the pages I copied in shows

When I edit one of the pages in the new wiki, or create a new one, I notice that
a copy goes in data/text.  The old wiki didn't have such a dir.

I know this is a pretty lame query, but if anyone can help me out I'd
appreciate it.


-- Gary

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