[Moin-user] internationalization question

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jul 10 05:29:34 EDT 2006

> for school children between the ages of 9-13. I have chosen MoinMoin 
> because
> of it's excellent wysiwyg editor, it's configurability, and ease of
> installation.
Please use 1.5.4 if you want to use GUI editor (it has quite some bug 
fixes for the gui editor part).

> One of our goals for this site is to promote cross cultural communication
> and to this end we are assembling a team of volunteer translators for our
> site. These volunteers will be translating content posted by the 
> children,
> so that the whole wiki community can read it. Now my question is: is 
> there a
> system within MoinMoin that supports different language versions of 
> the same
> page in an easy and intuitive way? If not, does anyone have any 
> suggestions
> as to how one might be implemented?
There is no special support for this, but you could do it in one of 
these ways:

PageName/xx with xx being the language (so you have 1 sub page per 
language and you only need 1 wiki).
The main page can either be in english and have a list of subpages or 
just list the subpages and you use PageName/en for english.

The other possibility is to have 1 wiki per language and user interwiki 
links to crosslink that all (this is quite similar to wikipedia's method).
Just make up some interwiki map entries when you want to do that - you 
need a wiki farm with 1 wiki per language.

If you want to have nice theme support, I guess you have to hack some 
theme having the language links in some box.

BTW, real multi-language support is not trivial, see the discussions on 
the moinmoin wiki.

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