[Moin-user] gui-edit: copy paste to transfer from one wiki to another

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jul 10 05:35:39 EDT 2006

> one of the best features of this gui editor is, that you mark text in
> mediawiki/twiki/..., and paste it into moinmoin and it is transformed
> automatically. no wiki-text-reformatting of any kind, impressive :)
Nice, didn't try that yet. :)
> but there is a few things which i am not sure about:
>  * wiki links could stay wiki links
The problem is we have to kind of "reverse engineer" what we get back 
from FCKeditor. If it is an "a href" link going to some "not this wiki" 
site, it can't know that you want it to be an internal link. It just 
assumes external links are external links. :) FCKeditor never sees any 
wiki markup...
>  * tables: contents with bullets somehow does not work
We don't support tables with bullets in wiki markup.

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