[Moin-user] how can I use Categories for quality assurance?

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 11 09:52:56 EDT 2006

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Hi, thanks for this.

* Thomas Waldmann:
> Hi Matthew,
>> I'm using Moin 1.34 or so.
> You really should upgrade. :) 1.5.4 is nice.

Yes, I'd like to do this as soon as possible.

>> I'd like to use Categories to do this for the simple reason that it is
>> very easy to tag a page with a category using the drop down menu when
>> saving a page, readers can do it...
> Sure.
>> So, what I'd like to see is:
>> 1. User marks page as CategoryVersion1.0
>> 2. Page then automatically contains a little box at the top which says
>> something like "This page applies to Version 1.0 of SoftwareName"
> Category links are usually rendered as standard links, so they neither 
> have special styling (just like other links), nor auto-generated content.
> A thing that maybe could be of general use is some configurable page 
> name pattern matching and deriving a CSS class attribute depending on 
> what pattern matched the target page name.
> By defining CSS for that class, you could make your boxes, style and 
> alignment.
> I guess you could even define some content using :after or :before (of 
> course that won't work with IE6).

I have to say that I didn't understand much about this, but it sounds
like it would require the page name being the trigger for the
auto-generated content, rather than the category that a page is tagged
with... Did I misunderstand?

Would it be impossible for the Category feature to be extended so as to
include auto-generated content? Or perhaps I am looking at this problem
from the wrong direction, and should think about some way for a macro to
be used which would include the relevant text on the page, and
automatically add the category... and maybe hope that such a macro could
be included on the page via a drop down menu.

Any thoughts?

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