[Moin-user] how can I use Categories for quality assurance?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Jul 12 07:53:12 EDT 2006

>>> So, what I'd like to see is:
>>> 1. User marks page as CategoryVersion1.0
>>> 2. Page then automatically contains a little box at the top which says
>>> something like "This page applies to Version 1.0 of SoftwareName"
>> Category links are usually rendered as standard links, so they neither 
>> have special styling (just like other links), nor auto-generated content.
>> A thing that maybe could be of general use is some configurable page 
>> name pattern matching and deriving a CSS class attribute depending on 
>> what pattern matched the target page name.
>> By defining CSS for that class, you could make your boxes, style and 
>> alignment.
>> I guess you could even define some content using :after or :before (of 
>> course that won't work with IE6).
> I have to say that I didn't understand much about this, but it sounds
> like it would require the page name being the trigger for the
> auto-generated content, rather than the category that a page is tagged
> with... Did I misunderstand?
Yes, you misunderstood. I meant hacking that part of the wiki parser and 
then match the link target page against some patterns influencing the 
CSS class it will get.
> Would it be impossible for the Category feature to be extended so as to
> include auto-generated content?
Currently, there is no such thing as a "category feature" as far as the 
page content or links are concerned - they are just links to other pages.

The only special thing we have about categories is maybe this dropdown 
menu, but this only adds those links to the end of the page, you also 
could type them in manually.

> Or perhaps I am looking at this problem
> from the wrong direction, and should think about some way for a macro to
> be used which would include the relevant text on the page, and
> automatically add the category... and maybe hope that such a macro could
> be included on the page via a drop down menu.
This also would be a special hack.

I guess the first method (matching link targets and generating css 
class) would be a more generically useful thing. We even already do 
something in that area, e.g. ftp link targets get a different icon than 
http link targets. But this is not yet configurable enough for your needs.

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