[Moin-user] "Discuss" subpage feature for MoinMoin 1.5.x

Jim Wight j.k.wight at ncl.ac.uk
Mon Jul 24 06:51:41 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 11:33 +0200, Christian SCHWARZ wrote:
> I'd like to insert a "Discuss" button (similar to the one used in
> MediaWiki) to MoinMoin, and until 1.5.x it was rather simple to modify.
> In fact, I just added a button "Discuss" which created (if not already
> existing) a subpage "/Discuss" and that's all.
> With the new revision, things are (at least for me) much more
> complicated, and I'd appreciate a hint (or better a diff :) of where to
> add the modifs and how (until now in themes/__init__.py).

Here's how I've done it - still in theme/__init__.py , but using
'Comment' rather than 'Discuss' - to place the link to the right of the
'More Actions' menu:

In editbarItems, replace the line


and add this function

    def commentLink(self, page):
        request = self.request
        _ = self.request.getText
        link = wikiutil.link_tag
        quotedname = wikiutil.quoteWikinameURL(page.page_name)
        if not quotedname.endswith('/Comment'):
            comment_page = Page(request, quotedname + '/Comment')
            if comment_page.isStandardPage(False):
                text = _('Comment', formatted=False)
                return comment_page.link_to(comment_page.request, text)
                text = _('Comment', formatted=False)
                return comment_page.link_to(comment_page.request, text, attrs='class="nocomment"')


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